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  Octopush is a relatively cheap sport to become involved with. Many leisure centres now run Octopush sessions where you can try out the game for the cost of a swimming session. If you do become a member of a club, costs can be kept to a minimum as the club usually provides the game equipment and maybe the hats and snorkelling gear as well to help you get started. All you will need at the outset are your club fees and swimming gear.

The following guidelines about equipment should give you a clearer picture of what you might need.


Pool and Game Equipment

pic8The Game of Octopush is played in a swimming pool with pushers and a squid. The players pass or flick the squid around the bottom of the pool in an attempt to score goals.

The Pool
The playing area is ideally 25m long, 12m wide and 2m deep. In larger pools the playing area can be reduced by cutting out the slope at the deep end or a very shallow end (1 m deep or less). Many pools have a slope but by changing ends at half time both teams have the same advantage.

Pushers are short sticks made from wood or plastic. They are coloured black or white to distinguish each playing side. They must conform official dimensions but there can be some variations in style to suit individual players. The stick is held in one hand only with the fingers coiled around the handle below a clearly marked line.

Gullies (Goals)
The goals are 3m wide metal gulleys usually made out of aluminium. They are placed at either end of the pool, on the pool floor. A gull (goal) is scored when a squid passes over the metal lip of the gulley and into the trough.

The squid is a plastic-covered lead disk. It weighs about 3.5lb or 1500gm. Players use their pushers to push or flick the squid along the bottom of the pool.

The Gong
This is a metal tubing that hangs into the water during a match. It is hit by the chief referee for game start, infringements and goals.


Personal equipment

  • A swimming costume or trunks

  • Waterpolo hat with ear covers for protection
    Numbers on the hat identify team members. The hats worn are usually black or white to distinguish between the teams.

  • Snorkelling equipment that includes a diving mask, snorkel and rubber fins
    Masks should be made of soft, rubber or silicone with a double seal and a wide split strap at the back. They must have tempered or toughened safety glass. The snorkel needs a soft, comfortable mouthpiece and a flexible 'U' shaped tube. Boot type fins are better than scuba-diving fins because they are longer, more flexible and safer as they do not have buckles.

  • Gloves to protect your hands during the game
    You can use a pair of heavy duty rubber gloves, cricket gloves or any waterproof gloves with protection for your fingers.

Team Colours

pic10One team wears white caps and plays with white painted pushers and the other team does the same in black. Numbers are shown on the hats to identify team members. Swimming gear for official matches is in the team's colours.

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