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Welcome to Octopush

  pic2Combine snorkelling with a game similar to hockey underwater and you have Octopush! It is a fast moving and skilful team game, played on the bottom of a swimming pool with short wooden pushers and a squid. The aim of the game is to score 'gulls' for your team in the 'gulley' or goal.

These pages give you a brief introduction to the game but the best way to experience Octopush is to try it yourself.


Octopush Facts

Some brief notes about the game's history and its move towards international competition. Octopush Facts

Gear and Squids

pic1Octopush is a cheap and easy way to keep fit and have a lot of fun at the same time. Gear and Squids looks at the basic equipment needed to play a game and the personal equipment that is required.

The game

Check out Playing the game for some basic info about the rules of the game and how to play Octopush.


Where can you play and where can you get some more information about the sport? Take a look at this Information page for details of contacts.


Here are some questions frequently asked by newcomers to the game of Octopush. FAQS

(Special thanks and acknowledgements to Clare Straiton and John McNeil from the British Octopush Organisation for information and photographs, to Malcolm Johnson, Metrodome Barracudas Barnsley, (0468 170095) for his time, advice and photographs, and to Keith Hadland for photographs).

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