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  Octopush is a modern game that is increasing in popularity all the time. Originally intended for divers, it is now an independent sport in its own right. This page gives some brief facts about its history and the game today.


Origins of the Game

pic3Octopush was invented in 1954 by a British diver called Alan Blake, a member of the Southsea sub-aqua club. Blake designed the game for divers as a fun way to help them keep fit during the winter when the weather stopped them from taking part in their regular diving trips. The game involved pushing a lead puck called a 'squid' around the bottom of a pool, and as it was originally for eight players, the divers called it 'Octopush'. The goal was a 'gulley' and with the squid, the divers scored 'gulls'.

Since the early days of Octopush, there have been several changes to the game to make it a more independent sport in its own right. The British Octopush Association, founded in 1976, controls the sport nationwide and today's rules and organisation reflect a professional approach to the game.



  • 1954 The game is invented by Alan Blake
  • 1967 The first official Octopush rules are published
  • 1968 The first National Championships are held in Great Britain
  • 1972 The National Ladder (League) is established
  • 1976 The British Octopush Association (BOA) is established to control the sport nationwide
  • 1978 The international controlling body for the sport is formed
  • 1980 The first World Championships are held in Vancouver, Canada. They take place every two years.

Octopush today

pic5Although the sport initially grew around diving clubs, today, there are many independent Octopush clubs around the country. The official Octopush season runs from September to May/June although many clubs continue to train all year. In the UK, more than 2500 men, women and juniors play Octopush regularly and there are approximately 120 teams - the number is growing all the time.


The International Scene

Octopush is now recognised as an international game - it is played at some level in more than twenty countries. The first World Championships took place in Vancouver, Canada in 1980 and have been held every two years since. Venues have included, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and New Zealand.


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