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Where to Look

If you want to learn more about Octopush or perhaps try it out yourself, here are some suggestions.

Basic information about the sport and equipment is available from a number of sources including: pic17

  • Books or magazines
  • Leisure Centres
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Sports Equipment Suppliers
  • Local clubs and National Organisations
  • The Internet: Web links

Books and magazines

As a new sport it is not easy to find a great deal of written information. The best place to try is your local leisure centre, swimming pool or watersports equipment suppliers. You could also try diving magazines or books about indoor watersports. The British Octopush Association (see below) provide some helpful information leaflets to help you get started.

Local Groups

There are more than 120 local groups and clubs around the country. Some are linked to scuba diving clubs but others are independent. Clubs vary in size and more than half are registered on the BOA National Ladder giving you the chance to play in league and competition matches.

Several clubs have teams of different age groups that they enter for local and national competitions. Although there are men's and women's teams, junior teams are often mixed. The best and most dedicated players around the country may also train towards a place in the men's or women's National squads.

The Octopush season runs from September to May or June but most clubs continue to practise all year round. Contact your local swimming pool, leisure centre or The British Octopush Association for information about local clubs.

To find a club near you see British Clubs at http://zeus.bris.ac.uk/~phacb/info.htm


The British Octopush Association

pic18 The British Octopush Association was established in 1976, as an offshoot of the British Sub-Aqua Club. Through their efforts, the sport received official recognition from the Sports Council in May 1996. The BOA provide helpful advice to individuals who want to join a club and will even help you start a new club in your area. On a national level, they organise official tournaments, the National Ladder (league) and the National Championship Finals held in the late Spring/early Summer at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

For more details contact:
Clare Straiton, Development Officer/ Director of Coaching
Culver Farm
Old Compton Lane
Farnham GU9 8EJ
Tel 01252 724924

Brendan Glynane, Secretary
112 Euston Road
Tel 01604 767258

The BOA publish their own news magazine - Octopush News - with details of regional contacts. For information about the magazine contact:

John McNeil
29 Craggyknowle
Hawthorn Park
Tyne and Wear NE37 1JZ
Tel 0191 416 9950


The Internet: Web links

Stretching Exercises for Warm Ups

Practice Exercises for Basic Skills


If you want to obtain equipment check out this web site

British Clubs

British Octopush Association Rules

The International CMAS Rules

World Championships

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