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Warwick Drinking Studies Network, 'The Warwick Drinking Studies Network is an interdisciplinary research group that brings together scholars who work on any aspect of drink and drinking culture in any society and in any time period.'

Intoxicants and Intoxication in Cultural and Historical Perspective Network, 'Its aim is to gain some perspective on the nature and scope of intoxicants and intoxication as enduring and ubiquitous social and cultural phenomena, by bringing together scholars whose interests and expertise range across disciplines, geographies and time periods.' Convenors: Dr Phil Withington (University of Cambridge) and Angela McShane (Victoria and Albert Museum).

Beat Kumin's'The World of the Tavern in Early Modern Europe', an undergraduate module at Warwick University. The site gives you access to module details, including an up-to-date bibliography.


There are some wonderful sites out there and what I've tried to do below is select good gateways.

CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) News of beer festivals, an inventory of Historic Pub Interiors, etc

Bristol's Lost Pubs - has interesting links to sites devoted to local matters as well as those covering national concerns under the section 'pub site links'.

Early Modern Resources: Food, Drink and Drugs. Some excellent material here, including essays on alehouses, taverns, tobacco, and links to other sites to do with Renaissance food matters etc.

The National Pub and Brewery History Website - has links to pub history sites; breweries and brewery history sites; games and sports sites; collectables; pub guides, associations and the trade; legends, folklore and ghosts

Brewery History Society - includes a catalogue of defunct brewery liveries amongst its brewery-related interests

Pub History - Family and Community Historical Research Society. A good place to start if you are interested in doing research on your local pubs.

The SCA Brew Historical Brewing Library - A great site, including information about different types of drink, their ingredients and old recipes; drinking customs and culture.

The Brewery Library - Articles on modern brewing