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The bibliography has two sections. Literary Works lists 'primary' literature, that is, novels, plays, poems etc with a substantial interest in alehouses, taverns, inns, pubs etc. Critical Works contains general writings about drinking, drinking houses and related literature, e.g. historical surveys, sociological studies, and also works with a passing interest. There are links here to some of the works themselves.

For those wishing to plunge with a sense of purpose into critical works I would suggest the following tomes as good places to start.

Three books stand supreme in writing the history of all things to do with drink-culture in England: John Bickerdyke's The Curiosities of Ale and Beer: An Entertaining History, London, Swan Sonnenschein, 1889 (more recently published by Spring Books, 1965), R. V. French's Nineteen Centuries of Drink in England: A History, London, National Temperance Publication Depot, 1884, and Frederick W. Hackwood, Inns, Ales, and Drinking Customs of Old England, London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1910 (available in a more recent edition, Bracken Books, 1985.) Later books are often heavily dependent upon these sources for their information.

James Nicholls' excellent The Politics of Alcohol: A History of the Drink Question in England (Manchester University Press, 2011) takes in economics, philosophy, and literature, as well as politics, and is highly recommended.

Peter Clark's The English Alehouse: 1200-1830 (Longman, 1983, sadly out of print) is the seminal book covering the social significance of this institution.

Andrew Barr's Drink: An Informal Social History is informataive and entertaining (Bantam Press, 1995). It discusses non-alcoholic beverages as well as the intoxicating kind.

Anya Taylor's Bacchus in Romantic England. Writers and Drink, 1780-1830, (Houndmills, Basingstoke, Macmillan, 1999), discusses the Romantics in relation to drink, and incorporates some exploration of material that is 'non-literary', such as medical and sociological literature.

For the medical background, Roy Porter's introduction to Thomas Trotter's An Essay Medical, Philosophical, and Chemical on Drunkenness puts much of the debate around drunkenness and 'alcoholism' into perspective, and Trotter's 1804 work itself is worth browsing for its literary quotations as much as its medical thesis. The insights into the treatment of habitual drinking, especially its social context, are quite forward-looking. There is also a large section on the feasibility of 'spontaneous combustion', since it was thought that spirituous liquors might be responsible for this mysterious event.

Apart from legal reference texts, the Webbs' The History of Liquor Licensing Law (1903, available as a Cass reprint, 1966) has much of the main material, although French's book (above) also has much legal-based information. Current legislation in England is in the Licensing Act 2003 (link to text). The book I used for The Pub in Literature was Matthew Pink's Liquor-Licensing Law and Practice (London, Sweet and Maxwell, 1991).

Pete Brown's Man Walks into a Pub: Sociable History of Beer (2010, second edition) is a good introduction to the history of pubs etc, and is excellent on contemporary trends in drinking, pub design and beer products.




I would recommend the following sites for their current engagement in research, teaching and dissemination:

Warwick Drinking Studies Network, 'The Warwick Drinking Studies Network is an interdisciplinary research group that brings together scholars who work on any aspect of drink and drinking culture in any society and in any time period.'

Intoxicants and Intoxication in Cultural and Historical Perspective Network, 'Its aim is to gain some perspective on the nature and scope of intoxicants and intoxication as enduring and ubiquitous social and cultural phenomena, by bringing together scholars whose interests and expertise range across disciplines, geographies and time periods.' Convenors: Dr Phil Withington (University of Cambridge) and Angela McShane (Victoria and Albert Museum).

Beat Kumin's 'The World of the Tavern in Early Modern Europe', an undergraduate module at Warwick University. The site gives you access to module details, including an up-to-date bibliography.





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