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Where to Look

If you want to learn more about kites or perhaps try it out yourself, here are some suggestions.

Basic information about the sport and equipment is available from a number of sources including: pic16

  • Books and magazines
  • Kite Shops
  • Kite Clubs
  • The Kite Society
  • The Internet: Web links

Books and magazines

You may find books about Kites in a large library or newsagent. The Creative Book of Kites by Sarah Kent, has just been published and contains information about kite designs, flying techniques and some plans for kite makers.

Kite Passion, at http://www.kitepassion.com, is an on-line magazine with news, test reviews, technical tips, and a lot more. It is available bimonthly from larger newsagents or on subscription from Kite Passion, PO Box 152, Woking, GU21 1FS, Tel. 01483 733849.

KiteLines Magazine is the leading magazine of the kite hobbyist. It covers single and multi-line kites, product reviews and flight tests. See Kitelines' web site at http://www.bfknet.com/kite/ki30013.htm


Kite Shops

There are several good Kite shops around the UK. Many are located in the larger towns and cities. For details, look in yellow pages or contact the Kite Fliers Society, web site http://www.kfs.org/kites/.

pic17Some shops advertise their services on the web and most of these offer some useful additional information about the type of kite to choose. Take a look at The Kite Shop, web site http://www.kiteshop.co.uk/index.html.

Some specialist shops offer you the opportunity to take part in workshops so that you can design and build your own kite. Airworks in Bradford work closely with young people by providing a range of workshops. Contact Airworks, 1, Dean Road, Odsal, Bradford, Tel. 0113 270 0517.


Kite Clubs

Kite Clubs give you the chance to learn techniques from more experienced fliers. Many clubs run kite flying events and some clubs take part in league, national and international competitions.

National and International Competitions include the World Cup, the European Cup and UK National titles. Within these competitions there are events for individuals, pairs and teams. Competitors are judged in precision sections that must include key flying elements, and free flying, sometimes called 'ballet' sections, that allow freedom for the fliers to design their own routines.

Contact The Kite Society for details of a club or event near you, Tel. 01296 271489.


The Kite Society

The Kite Society of Great Britain was founded in 1979 and since then, has grown to be recognised as the leading organisation for kite fliers in Great Britain with over 3500 members worldwide. The Society produce their own quarterly magazine, 'The Kite Flier', with a calendar of forthcoming events and festivals, information about kite shops, a selection of kite plans, and news about kite clubs.

For more information contact PO Box 2274, Great Horkesley, Colchester, CO6 4AY, Tel. 01296 271489
Web site http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/kite_society


The Internet: Web links

Peter's Kite Site
An excellent site

Kite Passion On-line Magazine

KiteLines Magazine

The Kite Society

Kite Fliers Society

The Kite Shop

Tips for Power Kites

Manufacturers of kites often use the web to advertise their products. If you intend to buy equipment from this source, exercise the same precautions that you would take when buying from any mail order company, eg. money back guarantee if you are not satisfied etc.

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