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Q. Where can I learn to fly a kite?

A. You can learn on your own, with a friend or you could join a kite club. The Information page gives you some contact names and addresses.

Q. What type of kite should I buy

A. There are so many different kites available, it is hard to choose. Think about the type of flying that interests you and go from there. For advice about choosing a kite see About Kites. If possible take advice from a good kite shop. They often sell starter kites that are not too expensive.

Q. Are kites expensive?

A. Simple kites cost less than 10 but if you want a reasonable stunt or sport kite then you can expect to pay around 30 upwards. Read the About Kites page for more details.

Q. Is kite flying dangerous?

A. There are dangers but if you are careful and follow some basic rules, you will have many hours of enjoyable kite flying (See Flying High: Safe Kiting).

Q. Is it difficult to fly a kite?

A. Modern kites are easier to fly because they are designed to fly in a variety of wind conditions. Launching your kite is probably the most difficult and then you need to keep it airborne but practice makes perfect! If you are just beginning buy a lighter kite with slightly 'less pull' so that you can learn to control it. See Flying High for information about the right kite and different manoeuvres.

Q. Can you enter competitions for kite flying?

A. Yes, there are competitions at local, regional, national and international level. You can fly a kite as an individual, with a partner or as a member of a team. Every competition has specific requirements, that is they ask you to be able to perform certain manoeuvres. You are also given a chance to show all your skills in other events. Kite Magazines usually have reports and information about these competitions. (See the Information page for details of Kite Passion, a magazine for Kite enthusiasts.)

Q. I have seen kites in some history books. Have they been around for a long time?

A. They were first used more than 2,500 years ago. Kites have a fascinating history and there are several books published about this subject. Check out your local library but for a brief guide look at the History page.

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