16-7210 - Microprocessor Engineering

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Welcome to the Microprocessor Engineering module (16-7210). Please read the information below.

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  2. Recommended reading
  3. The course assessment
  4. A list of topics to be covered in this course.


The assignments will be posted during the course of the semester, at least three weeks before their due date. Programming assignments will be demonstrated in the normal laboratory session. Programs are evaluated on the correctness of the code and the output, the readability & layout of the code, and the correct usage of the concepts discussed in the lectures. Appropriate and correct use of hardware features of the microprocessor system is also considered.

Please feel free to contact myself if you have any questions about this unit.

Alan Goude
Principal Lecturer
e-mail: a.goude@shu.ac.uk



Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Science

16-7210 -Microprocessor Engineering

Recommended reading:

  1. Lecture slides and class notes/handouts (see powerpoint & word files below)
  2. Example 'C' programs (this web site: )
  3. Microprocessor Systems, W Bolton, Pub. Longman. ISBN 0-582 41881 X
  4. Embedded Microprocessor Systems, Stuart R Ball, 2nd Edition ISBN 0-7506-7234-X
  5. Embedded Systems Design, Steve Heath, 2nd edition ISBN 0 7506-5546-1
  6. For web based information start here
  7. Additional Reading List


This unit is assessed through coursework and examination (50% coursework, 50% examination). Normally there will be a formative series of lab exercises and a major assessed assignment. The major assignment will be a demanding problem typically requiring the development of a complete microprocessor/microcontroller system for a specific application. The major assignment will be assessed in part by a formal written report.




Unit weighting

Microsoft Word Format


Lab Exercises


Laboratory Exercises

Questions 5 - 14

To be assessed in the lab period - week commencing 7 April



Lab based assignment

Report : 24th April 2008 (to Harmer reception floor 4)

Demonstration: To take place in your normal laboratory period of the week commencing 28th April.



16-7210 Microprocessor Engineering Exam 2005

16-7210 Microprocessor Engineering Exam 2006

16-721 Microprocessor Engineering Exam 2007.doc

Here are some Past examination papers

Proposed Teaching Schedule



Powerpoint Slides, Word documents and sample C programs.

1 & 2

Embedded Microcontrollers; Infineon 167 microcontroller brief overview;

Introduction to u.Vision 2 integrated development system.

Review of C and sample C programs. See my very brief C notes

Infineon 167 functional blocks, special function registers, library files

Parallel I/O ports, byte and bitwise operators. Sample C programs.


Slides1 , Slides 2, Slides 3

Lab Exercises

C coding style - Word format

Using -Vision - Word format

Using the Target Board - Word format



Analogue I/O . Digital to Analogue and Analogue to Digital Conversion

ADC slides


General Purpose Timers and Counters. Example C programs.

Timer slides


I/O Methods.

Role of Polling and Interrupts. Example C programs.

I/O Methods

Infineon 167 Interrupts

6 - 9

Serial Data Communications - Networks/Serial busses

Example busses - I2C, USB, Firewire, CAN etc

Some of the following will be covered in detail :-

1 Inter IC Bus; Standard I2C functions and applications.

2 Real-time Networks - Control Area Network (CAN) bus


4 ZigBee wireless networks

Serial I/O

I2C Bus



Applications:  Interfacing with an LCD Display

Applications: Interfacing with a Key Pad Interface


Program development - Tools and processes

LCD info


State Machines - Solution to Q1 on 2007 Paper



Semiconductor Memory and Memory systems and/or Review of some more advanced compiler operations. Assembler o/p, linking etc.



Demonstration & Assessment of Assignment 2



Examples and Library Functions

Infineon 167 Datasheets & Notes


WWW sites





My web page

http://www.keil.com - C166 compiler, uVision 2 software

http://www.esacademy.com/ - On line embedded training site

http://www.hitex.co.uk - General microcontroller info.

http://www.infineon.com - Infineon home page

http://www-us.semiconductors.philips.com - microcontrollers & I2C





Additional Reading


CAN, USB and Embedded books


Controller Area Network
by Konrad Etschberger

Product Details

Publisher: IXXAT Automation GmbH; (August 22, 2001)

ISBN: 3446217762



CANopen Implementation : Applications to Industrial Networks
by Mohammad Farsi, Manuel Bernardo, Martins Barbosa, Manuel Bernardo Martins Barbosa, Manuel Bernardo Martin Barbosa

Product Details

Publisher: Research Studies Pr; (November 1999)

ISBN: 0863802478



Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen
by Olaf Pfeiffer, Christian Keydel, Andrew Ayre

Product Details

Publisher: Annabooks; (November 1, 2003)

ISBN: 0929392787



USB Design by Example: A Practical Guide to Building I/O Devices by John Hyde

Product Details

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; Book and CD-ROM edition (August 30, 1999)

ASIN: 0471370487




Universal Serial Bus System Architecture (2nd Edition)
by Inc. MindShare (Author), Don Anderson (Author)

Product Details

Paperback: 544 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.05 x 9.23 x 7.36

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co; 2nd Book and CD-ROM edition (April 3, 2001)

ISBN: 0201309750 | All Editions



USB Complete: Everything You Need to Develop Custom USB Peripherals by Jan Axelson

Product Details

Publisher: Lakeview Research; 2nd edition (September 15, 2001)

ISBN: 0965081958

electronic copy



Embedded Systems Design: An Introduction to Processes, Tools and Techniques
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An Embedded Software Primer
by David E. Simon (Author)

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Programming Embedded Systems in C and C ++
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Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems
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Designing Embedded Communications Software
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Embedded Ethernet and Internet Complete: Designing and Programming Small Devices for Networking
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electronic copy



Designing Embedded Hardware
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Building Embedded Linux Systems
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Practical Statecharts in C/C++: Quantum Programming for Embedded Systems with CDROM
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