This learning resource will introduce you to the stories of six pen portraits. Each pen portrait explores aspects of the experience of older people who are finding it difficult to keep their houses warm in winter. The pen portraits will give you the opportunity to consider how you can best address the possible needs of older people who are cold.

This resource explores factors and barriers influencing older people keeping warm in winter. The research has been funded by a National Institute for Health Research, Research for Patient Benefit grant. The key partners involved include: NHS Rotherham, Sheffield Hallam University, National Energy Action, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Rotherham Older Peoples Experiences of Services.

The pen portraits can be used in different ways. These include the following:

To get the most out of this resource we recommend that you keep a record of your thoughts and issues specific to your own service. You can access a reflective exercise log book for this purpose via 'Log Book' on the left hand menu. Download the log book for the relevant pen portrait and save it to your computer. Each log book is structured around that particular pen portrait.

Log BookYou can interact with any of the stories in any order. The stories are interspersed with exercises for you to complete and the log book contains an action plan for you to identify your learning needs for the future.

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