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Where to Look

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Check out the local library and sports libraries or a good bookshop and larger newsagents for books about athletics.

The Young Athlete by Dorling Kindersley is a good introduction for young juniors (ISBN0-7513-5370-1)

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Athletics Clubs

If you are serious about athletics, it is worth joining a club. Most clubs accept juniors of all abilities from the age of 11. All clubs are affiliated to a national organisation through a regional association.

The national and regional associations promote and encourage the development of athletics through clubs and schools; each national association has introduced an athletic award scheme. In addition, they support various competitions and ensure coaching is done by qualified, BAF-approved coaching staff.

To find your nearest club, contact the regional association for your area. There are six official regions:

  • South of England AA - Tel: 0171 247 2963
  • Midlands Counties AA - Tel: 0121 452 1500
  • North of England AA - Tel: 0113 246 1835
  • Scottish Athletic Federation - Tel: 0131 317 7320
  • Northern Ireland Athletic Federation - Tel: 01232 602706
  • Athletic Association of Wales - Tel: 01729 456237

For extra information see On Your Marks: Joining a Club.

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Athletics Organisations

pic20Each country within the UK has its own athletic association or federation. Representatives from each association or federation make up the British Athletics Federation (BAF). BAF is currently being re-organised and the working party hope that a new organisation will be in place for January 1999.

The British Athletic Federation (BAF)
225a Bristol Road
Tel: 0121 4405000

The Amateur Athletic Association of England (AAA)
Tel: 0121 4405000

The Athletic Association of Wales (AAW)
Morfa Stadium
West Glamorgan SA1 7DF
Tel: 01792 456237

The Northern Ireland Amateur Athletic Federation (NIAAF)
Athletics House
Old Coach Road
Belfast BT9 5PR
Tel: 01232 602707

The Scottish Athletic Federation (SAF)
Caledonia House
Redheughs Rigg
South Gyle
Edinburgh EH12 9DQ
Tel: 0131 317 7320

The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) is the world governing body for the sport of athletics. Visit their website at

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Athletics Links

pic24Here are just a few of the sites available on the web:

British Athletics
Gives dates for 1998, details of BAF, the future agenda for British Athletics, info about athletes, plus addresses of organisations.

British National and League Records

Scottish Athletics Federation

British Olympic Web Site

The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF)
The IAAF is the world governing body for the sport of athletics. There is a wealth of information on its frequently visited site.


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