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Using patterns for participatory design

Patterns were originally developed in Architecture by Christopher Alexander and colleagues.

Patterns are an established approach to sharing design knowledge between software engineering professionals.

Patterns are receiving considerable attention in HCI.


Alexander emphasised user participation in design, and intended patterns to be shared throughout a broad community (not restricted to professionals). Our work is investigating the possibilities, challenges and consequences of using patterns to support a user-led approach to interactive systems design.

For more information on this project, please see: The Patterns Project site.


Andy Dearden, Janet Finlay, Liz Allgar, Barbara McManus. Evaluating pattern languages in participatory design. To appear at CHI 2002, Minneapolis, MN. USA, 20th-25th April 2002.

Andy Dearden, Janet Finlay, Elizabeth Allgar, Barbara McManus. Using Pattern Languages in Participatory Design. To appear at CHI 2002 Workshop: Patterns in Practice. Minneapolis, MN. USA, 20th April 2002.

Janet Finlay, Elizabeth Allgar, Andy Dearden, Barbara McManus. Pattern Languages in Participatory Design, To appear at HCI 2002, London, UK. 2nd - 6th September 2002.