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This is the call for papers for the special issue of the journal Interacting with Computers - volume 17 (1), on Design for Civil Society.

This work is now being take forward by the AHRC / EPSRC project: Technology and Social Action

Designing for Civil Society

Democratic participation in civil society is not merely an issue of electronic voting, but also of campaigning, organising and participation in policy formation through a wide variety of groups and collaborations. These groups may be formally constituted such as trade-unions, political parties, voluntary groups or campaigning 'non-governmental organisations' (NGOs), or may take the form of informal collections of individuals and organisations conducting conversations and sharing electronic material e.g. email petitions, weblogs and satirical emails such as those circulated opposing the war in Iraq.

This work was explored in a workshop at HCI 2003

2003 Dearden A. & Walker S. Desiging for Civil Society. In Proceedings of HCI 2003: Designing for Society, Volume 2. Research Press International, Bristol, UK. pp. 157 - 158.

Details of the workshop and developments from it are reported at