Please provide the following information

        SHU email
        Dept / Subject Group
        Pickup Date  
        Return Date  
        Resource Type
        Quantity Required

        Reason for Use
      Video Capture
      Quizzing / Surveys
      Collaborative Working / Group Working
      Creating Content
      Research / Information Gathering
      Assessment / Tests
      Social Media
      Mindmapping / Project Planning

        Registered Disability
Do you have a registered disability that precludes you from being able to transport the requested resource? If so, we will need to arrange for the Porters to collect and deliver this. Please note this is not always feasible based on their availability but we will endeavour to meet any requests of this nature.


If you would like to discuss support using this resource in or prior to class please get in touch with the HWB TEL team.

Do you require any accessories? e.g. Cable to connect to projector (VGA Cable, Apple TV to project to screen. If you are unsure please contact the TEL team.